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Test pieces

I had a couple of unexpected days off this week and needed some sitting down things to do, so I thought I would test out some ideas I had for wet felting.  Using a resist (a piece of plastic that you felt around) allows you to make 3D items.  I have made a small purse like this before but wanted to try some other things, so I made a tea cosy and a bowl.

Before I started I had to make the resist using a template, which involved some maths!  The essential process of felting is to do with shrinkage as the fibres lock together, so as I know the shrinkage rate of my merino wool was about 35% I had to size up my templates by 35%.  For once, things ended up the size they should be…

It was actually quite hard work to felt these as they are quite big!  It took a while and I may have developed some arm muscles. It’s also lucky it was dry as this is a great craft to do outside because of all the water that comes out of the pieces.  I’m not sure I’ll be making lots of big tea cosies, but I can see quite a few bowls or small bags or purses being made.

The tea cosy Imageis not really finished, it could do with some hand stitching and embellishments to liven up the design, but I am pretty happy with it so far.

I’d love to know what people think, and you are also welcome to nominate certain people for certain types of crafted gift.





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Why have I decided to do this?

I like making things.  Last year, and indeed for several years before that, some of my friends and family have benefitted from / been cursed with presents I have made myself at Christmas.  I just become less and less inspired by the possible gifts on offer in the shops.  So I wondered if I could make everyone a Christmas present for 2013.  I’ve also got a bit more time on my hands than usual due to my arthritis preventing me from moving from the sofa too much.

You might think that Midsummer is the wrong time to start thinking about Christmas presents and I would usually agree, but if I really am going to make at least part of each person’s gift I will have to start now….

This blog will be the place to keep up to date with my experiments, disasters and successes in crafting and cooking these presents.  I won’t say who each thing is for (unless I know they won’t be reading – the cat is clever, but not that clever) so there’ll still be some element of surprise on the day.


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