Knitted toys

I like making knitted toys, especially for very small children, though I recently read in a newspaper article that new parents consider them a “naff gift”.  Still, it’s a machine washable “naff gift” with no pieces that can come off and choke a child, and one that’s easily fixable if Mr Stegosaurus becomes such a favourite he’s dragged everywhere. Makes a change from bootees anyway.

As long as I don’t get loads of comments telling me that people really don’t like knitted toys they are definitely in contention for this challenge for a few of the small children in my life.  My most recent finished object is a knitted panda for a colleague who is currently nearly 8 months pregnant.  Did you know that combinations of black and white are recommended by child development experts to stimulate babies brains?  I think he’s cute anyway.  He is from Sarah Keen’s book “Knitted Wild Animals”.

Knitted Panda

Knitted Panda


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  1. Joanie

    Brilliant – again!

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