“Homemaker” magazine review

Homemaker magazine DSCN0756Seeing as everything I am making (gloves anyone?) is taking f o r e v e r, and I’ve just gone back to work after my holidays, I thought I’d treat myself to some magazines to get some inspiration.  Well, I’m not usually a big magazine buyer except for my subscriptions to Geographical (nerd) and Country Living (granny?) so I was pretty amazed at the number of crafting magazines on offer in the big Sainsburys.  I filtered out anything to do with papercraft (doesn’t inspire me) or sewing (no machine) but was still left with a choice…

I tried to flick through a few and settled on “Homemaker” issue 9.  I have to say I was very nearly put off by the name, I mean, I’m a feminist, should I spend £4.99 on a magazine that my husband said “is this from 1950?” about? Plus £4.99 is quite a lot for a magazine… But then it is 2013 and not 1993 so maybe I should accept magazines aren’t £2.50 any more.

When I got down to reading I was pleasantly surprised.  “Homemaker” is certainly modern in layout which is nice, I’d rather read a craft magazine that didn’t look like a copy of “Bella” from the 90s.  There are articles about designers and decorating along with baking as well as projects to make.  I thought this made a nice balance, too many projects can be a bit overwhelming. Not too many adverts either!

The projects were good too, things I would actually want to make; up to date looking and not too difficult!  Also I thought it was sensitive that most of the projects used items that were not too expensive or difficult to get hold of.  It’s always annoying if you decide you want to make something and then can’t get the things or have to spend loads to get started.  It came with a booklet of patterned papers and templates.

All in all, I am very impressed, enjoyed reading it and think I may actually make some of the projects. I was wondering if the name is more of a play on words too as in “someone who makes things at home” rather than the 50s sense of being a “homemaker” who waves her husband off to work everyday and hands him an aperitif on his return… 9/10.


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