OMG I bought a sewing machine

I know that not being able to use a sewing machine is a major hole in my crafting (and life?) skills.  At school we never did any textiles lessons so I didn’t learn there, and my mum is NOT a fan of sewing.  Funnily enough my husband was taught at school so when he drove me into town to buy my machine he knew much more what the bloke in the shop was talking about than me!  I was surrounded by men who knew stuff about sewing machines.  Weird.  After a long chat with me explaining what I wanted to be able to do one day and about an hour of demonstrations I bust the budget and bought an Alfa Next 30 machine.

Alfa next 30

Alfa next 30

The reason I went for this one and not a super cheap one was that I was sold on just how easy it was to use and thread, plus the fact that the internal workings were metal so I think it will last a really long time.  I appreciated the suggestion from the salesman that if you are new to sewing and have an easy to use machine you are more likely to really get into sewing. Handily it was in the sale!  The only machine I ever tried to use before was my husband’s cheapy argos one that he eventually blew up trying to sew a fox tail for a Fantastic Mr Fox costume!  I couldn’t even work out how to thread the thing and it only had ikea style  one page instructions, so I became convinced I could never use a sewing machine.

Luckily I am stubborn.  I was thinking about taking some classes but then I found Crazy Little Projects… This fantastic website has a learn to sew series so I followed the ones for total clueless beginners in conjunction with my machine’s manual.  Which is a whole booklet that actually makes sense.  The Alfa website also has videos which proved useful, but were only in Spanish.  AS level Spanish was a long time ago… Thanks to Crazy Little Projects I learned to sew the straight line in the picture above!

The cat enjoyed having a sewing machine and its box in her life.  It was a rainy day so she has been “helping” me all day by getting in the box, eating my tape measure, sitting on the fabric I was cutting, batting at the threads and sniffing everything.

Cats love boxes

Cats love boxes

Cats also love thread

Cats also love thread

Watch this space for what I made!

Sewing machine supplier: Franklins Colchester

Cat supplier 😉 :  Colchester Cat Rescue


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  1. Joanie

    Look forward to seeing the first results!

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