Sew Practical…

I’ve been practicing more with my new sewing machine and have actually made some progress.  It’s actually been really easy to learn how to use it, so for anyone wondering whether to have a go at sewing, do it!  First of all I had a go at making one of those things that you keep spare plastic bags in.  Everyone has loads of them tucked into a drawer somewhere so this is a much nicer way to store them and be green by reusing.

Carrier bag storerIt was easy to make, just a tube of fabric with a couple of wide hems and elastic threaded through them.  I managed to get the lines pretty straight too.  I think I’ve actually made something I could give to someone.  Ok, it’s not a glamorous present but it’s useful and I can’t be the only one who likes useful presents…

Next up I had a go at notebook covers, again from Emma Hardy’s Sewing in No Time book.  This was something I really wanted to be able to do to a good standard as I know lots of people who love pretty stationery and I have a few people lined up for these for Christmas presents.

Notebook coverNotebook cover

It was my first time using interfacing and I managed not to stick it to the ironing board.  Score.  The stitching had to be pretty close to the edge of the fabric but I only had to rip it out once.

Fabric supplier: Fabric Rehab



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2 responses to “Sew Practical…

  1. Joanie

    The notebook cover looks particularly professional.

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