Boozy Gifts part 4 and 5!

Yep, I’m still going making more boozy gifts! The hedgerows are just bursting with fruit, it turns out that our village is a total hotspot – and nobody else is picking. We were debating why this was, maybe no one else knows what to make with their hedgerow finds, or maybe people aren’t confident to identify the plants to pick anything at all.  If that’s the case, what a shame because in just a couple of hours we picked blackberries, damsons, sloes and even apples.

Using the same quantities in the recipe from Pam Corbin’s Preserves Handbook next up was Blackberry and Apple Vodka – I much prefer vodka to gin and I think this will be a really nice combination.

Blackberry apple vodka

And finally…. The original classic recipe.  Sloe Gin.

Sloe ginAnd then I made another lot of sloe gin, and another lot of damson gin.  And that’s that, all boozy gifts are done.




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One response to “Boozy Gifts part 4 and 5!

  1. Joanie

    I hope you’re keeping this under lock and key!

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