All holidays must include crafting…

If you are a regular reader (i.e. my mum) you will have noticed the blog was a bit quiet.  I went on holiday!  I was finally well enough to do a little walking and we had some spare annual leave so we booked a holiday to Canada! We flew in to Toronto and then toured around a bit of Ontario in a campervan.  We are both in love and have to go back.  It was peak colour time for the trees and we had the most amazing weather. I managed a few short walks and a monster canoeing trip, it was heavenly.

I took the gloves-from-hell with me and only managed to knit about half of one finger, there was just too much else to do.  I did of course manage to visit some yarn shops in Toronto: Romni Wools, if you think you’ve seen a “palace of wool” as a friend and I used to call an Edinburgh wool shop called McAree Brothers, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  The husband was somewhat bemused.


I wanted to buy some local yarn and found it at Lettuce Knits!  I seem to be incapable of stopping buying 4 ply.  Maybe I should actually start knitting socks… I was also after some aran weight as I have a hat in mind for someone, but whilst they had some lovely organic local yarn it was way too itchy to use for a hat, so the search goes on.


Being that it was autumn and there were loads of truly amazing colours in the Sugar maple leaves I did collect a few of those from the ground and press them in my guide book, so they should feature in a few projects coming soon.



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3 responses to “All holidays must include crafting…

  1. Joanie

    Wool wonderland!

  2. That yarn is lovely and would make beautiful shawls or scarves if you don’t fancy socks!

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