One step forward and two steps back

Monday is my day off from work, so that is often my crafting day.  Last week I settled back down to my sewing machine after a rather long hiatus when I’d been doing other things.  As I’m only just learning to use the machine this break probably wan’t such a good idea.  I was trying to sew a few more notebook covers but two went in the bin because I cut the pieces to the wrong size, and another went in the bin because the cheap white cotton I was using all snarled up and wrecked the thing.

These kind of disasters probably happen to everyone, but I guess not that many people own up to them on their blogs.  

Maybe I shouldn’t?  Maybe all my friends are now getting nervous about getting really shoddy presents?

I finally got two of them done but I’m not that pleased with them.  How can the first one I ever did be neater than the second two?!




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