Cabled goodness

I have been knitting for about 5 years, ever since my sister announced she was pregnant and I decided to knit something for my new nephew.  It was a pram blanket and it was pretty awful I suppose!  I got my mother in law to teach me and I fell in love with knitting immediately.  I still can’t get over the fact that you start off with a long bit of string and it becomes a fabric with only a couple of sticks as tools.  Over the years I’ve knitted jumpers (the less said the better, I am wearing one right now, but it wasn’t intended for me), toys, scarves in lace, nearly all of a huge blanket, gloves, fair isle wrist warmers, hats and a badger tea cosy.

I had avoided cables though, they looked complicated and I thought I would mess them up.  Recently I have been thinking more and more that I should give cables a go, I mean knitting is just following instructions so surely I could manage it?  The plan was set when I saw the “Starcrossed Slouchy Beret” by Natalie Larson on Ravelry.  I had been wanting to make a hat for a particular person and I could just imagine her wearing this one, so I took the plunge.

It was my first time cabling and my first time using a circular needle.  I tried out a bamboo one too as these are often touted as being good for arthritic hands and I am living in fear of my wrist going again! I can report the bamboo felt good, it was light and is “warm” in the hands as often commented.  I couldn’t get a short enough circular so it was a bit awkward and I kept ending up with a loop of cable, but it wasn’t the end of the world.  I used some yarn I got free ages ago at a knitting class, and just ran out! Luckily the friend I went with saved the day and pulled her matching ball from her stash and sent it on a 400 mile postal journey to me! It is an alpaca yarn and a beautiful dark grey, so squishy…

Anyway, I don’t know why I waited so long to try cables.  All I kept thinking was “am I doing this right? Is it meant to be this easy?”. I love the hat, and it turned out so well.  No sizing issues for once and it looks so cool.  I think it’s really going to suit her.  Here is a picture of it blocking over a plate, and being investigated by the cat.  I would love it if when people receive their gifts, if they like them of course, if they would send me pictures of them with their presents, especially if they are wearable.




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2 responses to “Cabled goodness

  1. Joanie

    That is hugely impressive – well done 🙂

  2. Deena Levene

    Lovely! Clever girl. xx

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