Two kinds of felt

Hello! I did my last post from my phone and it went a bit wrong, and didn’t send it to Facebook, so I guess lots of you haven’t seen it.  I have been pretty busy crafting over the last week though.  After the knackering Chestnut Jam (see below) I thought I would try out making some felted flower brooches.  I’ve made felt flowers before but been a bit disappointed with them, so I had a look on the internet to see if there were different ways of making them.  In the past I have just made a circle of felt and cut into it when wet to form petals, but I found this great post at so I thought I’d try making them already in a flower shape. I added in some silk and other threads, including a little angelina (sparkly stuff, looks like lametta!) to the petals so give them a bit of interest, and so they weren’t too rustic.

They have to start out quite large as I was planning to felt them quite aggressively so that they would be strong enough to hang about on a coat day in, day out. I decided to make two layers for each flower. In the picture below the purple one is about half felted and the blue one is finished felting.

2013-11-11 15.03.25_resizedThey need to have the petals shaped as felt will keep the shape it dries in.  I didn’t want them to be too flat so once they were shaped I laid a tea towel over one of our wide radiators and nestled them in the gap there.

I decided that whilst they looked pretty cool with no adornments, they would be even better with a few beads, so at the weekend I nipped out to a local town to see what I could find.  I managed to get some metallic looking black beads and even the brooch backs so I could finish them! I sewed beads in different arrangements on each of them, taking the thread through both layers of the flower to stitch them together at the same time.  Then all that was needed was to add the brooch backs and they were done! I think they are my favourite thing I’ve made so far.

Felt flower brooches Beading on the flower brooches


Seeing as I’d managed to get a stash of brooch backs I was also able to finish something else that had been hanging around a while.  Inspired by the Sleepy Fox brooches I wondered what else would work well in that style… I doubt it is very original (though I haven’t seen them anywhere) but I got some red and white sheet felt and drew on the pieces for a mushroom!  I’d been leading a fungi walk at work so no doubt that was where the idea came from.  It is a classic Fly Agaric – I cut two pieces of the stalk and stitched them together, two pieces of the cap and stitched these together with the stalk inside, and lastly sewed on some tiny white spots.  I think it is pretty cute.

Fly Agaric brooch



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  1. Joanie

    These look amazing – so pretty 🙂

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