Getting organised

On Saturday morning I woke up and had a frightening thought – I only have four weekends left that I am not working until Christmas. And on some of these I have important social engagements.  I know, scary.  Time to get organised.  Those who know me well know I adore lists so this wasn’t a particularly unpleasant prospect.  Unfortunately it revealed that there are still 19 people (and animals) that I have to make things for… I put it all down in a grid with name, what to make and supplies needed.  I feel better knowing what I need to do and what bits I need to do it.  For quite a few people the things to make are foodie items so those will need to be done the weekend before Christmas, so I’m not too panicked, but I had better get a move on with the other stuff.

My shopping trip had also yielded some PVA glue, so I was able to get on with covering these magazine files.  The wooden files came from Ikea, and the map I used to cover this one was found ripped in half and used as packaging in a parcel we received at work!  As a geographer I am in love with the beauty of Ordnance Survey maps and at least this way it will be on display to be enjoyed, even if I can’t fathom how anyone could use it as packaging.

It was a messy business, I used sponges to apply the slightly watered down glue and a wallpaper brush so smooth out bubbles and creases.  I found that smaller pieces were easier to apply neatly, and doing the inside led to me being covered in glue! I tried to put interesting bits of the map in visible places, I hope this is going to brighten up someone’s study.

Close up of map file The map file


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  1. Joanie

    Brilliant idea, love it!

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