All work and no play?

It seems like ages since my last post, and I was reflecting that it looks like I haven’t done much…  I’m working on a project I won’t be able to share until after Christmas, as the person who it is for is definitely reading, and would guess straight away.  I have been quite busy at work as well, though as many of you know my work often seems more like play! On Tuesday I made these willow stars with my regular adult group.  The instructions we used had diagrams, photos and written directions so all learning styles could find the best for them. I used the diagram and whilst it was tricky at first we were soon turning out lovely stars.  I felt the need to cover mine in glitter.  The wire you can see on them can be removed once they have dried out.


I have also made some samples of things we are going to make next week – a simple but really cool way to use up old Christmas cards (yes, there was a stash in a cupboard, us Education Officers always plan ahead).  All you do is cut a card into even strips, punch holes in each end, join the stack together with a split pin, then bend the whole thing into a C shape and swivel the pieces out into a sphere.  The only useful tip I have is make sure the strips are at least 1.75cm wide if you are using a standard hole punch. So simple but I think it looks really sweet.


And last but not least, something from the Nature Detectives newsletter I received by email today.  This might just be the BEST way to use felt beads (of which I have a few knocking about…) EVER.  Click here to download instructions, though I do think that Rosiepink‘s blog gives you much better instructions for making the bead itself. Three lined up would make a lovely brooch I think.  I am in love with this little acorn and had fun posing it with the squirrel that lives atop my work computer.


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  1. Joanie

    These Christmas decorations are so good, and look achievable even for me! And the acorn is brilliant!

    I wonder who your current project is for……….

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