More uses for maps

Argh, it’s December! I have so much left to do but have managed to finish a couple of projects.  Still working on the one I can’t show though!  Yesterday I made these map coasters for my Dad.  I am fairly sure he isn’t reading!  The bases are Portuguese cork coasters I bought from the internet – supporting the cork producers also supports wildlife that lives in the cork forests.  As more and more wine producers use screw tops or plastic corks these forests are becoming threatened.  The are very simple to make, just draw round the coaster (I found it helpful to make the circle slightly smaller so the map doesn’t hang over the edge) cover the top of the coaster with PVA and stick on the map.  I also did 2 washes of PVA over the top to seal it, using a sponge to apply.  The maps are an ancient Lake District touring map that my husband has had so long it had a lot of holes in the creases.  



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  1. Joanie

    Brilliant idea!

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