Finishing bits and pieces

I am starting to feel the fear, with some quite big makes still planned.  At this point I have no idea whether I’ll manage it or not before 25th.  I needed to finish off a few things to make myself feel like I was getting somewhere!  To that end I finished bottling the various alcohols that I made in the autumn.  I’ve now got 11 bottles of booze to gift (and there were maybe 3 more that I’ve kept for myself!): Apricot and Lavender liqueur, Sloe gin, Damson gin, Blackberry and Apple vodka and Elderberry vodka. The pretty labels are from Ktwo Products.

Here’s a little picture of one of each.The booze haul

I also turned a few more felt beads I had knocking around into acorns, and then hot glue gunned them onto a brooch back. I think they are sweet and I really hope the recipient likes them.

Felt acorn broochAs an aside, I already gave the toadstool brooch to a friend, she liked it and promptly wore it into town, whereby some wit commented “you like magic mushrooms?”.  Cringe. I hope she dares wear it again and isn’t abused by any more idiots.


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One response to “Finishing bits and pieces

  1. Joanie

    The colours of your boozy bottles are beautiful! And the acorns are brilliant – I’m sure the recipient will love them 🙂

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