Bags for Boys

I finished the secret project! If you’re a Raveler you can get a preview of it by looking for me (Knitfinch) and seeing the photos, I can’t put the name on here but look for the one I last finished, say Hi if you like it.  If you’re not you’ll just have to wait until Christmas like my husband. I spent all of last weekend, and part of the one before, at work so it wasn’t until yesterday that I was finally able to get down to some serious crafting.

I had been planning for ages to make some drawstring toy bags for a couple of the small boys I know – according to my sister, a mum of two, you can’t have too many places to store toys. I think these could also make useful take-things-to-nursery or on holiday bags. The pattern is from Emma Hardy’s Sewing in No Time book. I seemed to be struggling to pick coordinating fabrics so I let someone else do the hard work and ordered a Bundle of Joy from Fabric Rehab. This shop has some of the coolest fabrics ever, and they are actually local but luckily for me they do cheap and fast delivery too. It was good to find something bright and quite gender neutral. I spent my day off yesterday, cutting, pressing and swearing an increasing amount as I got to the fiddly bits on the sewing machine.  Only Mumford and Sons got me through it. It wasn’t quite sewing in no time, as it took hours, but I think the end result is quite nice. Just don’t inspect some of the stitching too closely people! The husband says “the children won’t notice” any wobbles, but it’s their parents I’m worried about…

Drawstring toy bags



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3 responses to “Bags for Boys

  1. roma1912

    No need to worry , they are just perfect, 🙂

  2. Joanie

    The parents wouldn’t dare complain, surely!

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