Maximum cuteness

The sewing is continuing apace. Yesterday I tackled something ambitious.  I used some more Fabric Rehab fabric to make a simple skirt for my friend’s daughter.  I used the instructions for the Simple Skirt from Dana Made it – that lady knows how to explain things clearly with no fuss.  In just over an hour I had made this gem.  I know it’s a summer fabric so I made it slightly large in the hope it will still fit her then, though I admit I know little about how fast 2 year olds grow. It was hard to choose the fabric but the Hedgehoglets were so incredibly cute, I really hope our little hoglet likes it!

Hedgehoglet skirt

I had some pieces left from the week’s sewing so I made (another) notebook cover for a colleague who’s been really good to me this year during my ill health. This one turned out really well, and surely everyone who works on a nature reserve would like these little guys?

Hedgehoglet notebook



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4 responses to “Maximum cuteness

  1. Joanie

    Great little skirt – sure it will go down very well with both child and mum! Notebook cover great too. xxx

  2. As a sewer, sewist, seamstress whatever one likes to be called of 40 plus years I applaud you, utterly divine skirt. A real favourite design that I have used sooooo many times over the years (have 2 grown daughters so not so much fun now). I held a workshop in the and walked my ladies through a near identical with one twist …… reversible! For grubby little people it’s perfect and I can promise you it’s not that much more demanding.

    The fabric is perfect and even if summer weight, woolie tights, boots and a warm top and any little lady would be delighted to wear it no matter the time of year 😉

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