Solstice sew-athon

Winter solstice is one of my favourite days of the year, I love the idea of the year turning away from the darkening nights and towards the light.  We always celebrate with a bit hearty dinner and candles.  Luckily making a game pie is my husband’s speciality so I was able to spend the whole day at the sewing machine – after I’d cleaned out the rabbits, done the washing up, fed the cat…

First off I made a project I’d been looking forward to making for ages.  It’s for my nephew who loves carrying a bag around!  The tutorial can be found here and I just think it is so cool! I made a couple of modifications, the glorious Franklin’s in Colchester had no blue fleece so I had to go with lime green, and no big rolls of grey felt left so I needed to stitch two pieces together to make my bag instead of folding.  I do think that dark grey and apple green is my new favourite colour combination though, just look at that lovely contrast stitching.  I think that with the green fleece you could maybe design a Shrek monster bag – a future project maybe! I did also make an error and stitch the straps in the wrong configuration, but I don’t think he’ll notice, and it won’t affect the function of the bag.  I also enjoyed using my new pinking shears.

All that was left to do was add in some crayons and voila! I can’t believe that made this.

Monster minus teeth

Monster minus teeth

Contrast stitching

Contrast stitching

Monster bag

Next up, a present for the aforementioned cat.  She’s taken to sleeping on my coat which I foolishly left on top of the blanket box so I thought with a nice bed mat I could switch and reclaim my coat. I had originally toyed with making a felt cat cave but I just didn’t have the time or elbow power, so I decided to use this flannel in a plaid design, with a black felt (bought not made sadly) border on the top layer.  I totally designed this myself with an aim for it to come out about 65cm by 40cm – I had planned to quickly measure the length of the cat but she was hiding in the shoe tray under the bed at the time.


Making up the front panel


Hattie inspects the WIP

I used a different plaid underneath so it can be reversible, and stuffed lightly with washable toy stuffing.

All finished

All finished

Let’s hope she enjoys sleeping on it – though to get her to use it I may have to act like she’s not allowed on it…



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2 responses to “Solstice sew-athon

  1. Joanie

    Ha ha, let’s hope she’s not a contrary cat! It does look welcoming.

    The monster bag is FAB. I’m sure it will go down well 🙂

  2. Your monster is adorable. I hope your nephew loves it! Thanks for stopping the blog and sharing your finished project with me 🙂

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