Merry Christmas, Everyone…

…Snow is falling, all around us… Well, actually it isn’t, it is a very unseasonal 10C. There it is though, I have done it.  I made everyone at least part of their Christmas present.  At this stage I have no idea what people will think – in the main.  I was planning to do a photo of my dining table covered in all the things I had made, but of course I had to wrap and give away some of them early or post them so a lot had already gone before the great “Muppet Christmas Carol” wrapathon on 22nd.  I know that Beckie and Kim put their brooches on straight away, and that Matt loved his Damson gin, but I’ll be finding out over the next few days what other people think.  Of course no one is likely to say they hate things I’ve made, but hopefully I’ll be able to gauge reactions a bit.

I have enjoyed doing this challenge, it has seemed less stressful then going shopping (especially true when you are intermittently on crutches) and more personal and Christmassy than ordering from the internet.  I’ve started to see myself as a really creative person too, which I never have before – the legacy of being bad at art at school casts a long shadow obviously.

I wonder if I will get any homemade Christmas gifts?

Thank you for reading about my exploits – there’ll be more updates after Christmas, hopefully with some pictures of people with/in their HANdmade presents.  Have a lovely one!



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