The secret project revealed…

So now Christmas has come and gone (I was even at work yesterday! Running a children’s bush craft party, oh yes denbuilding and marshmallow toasting is the best thing to do with hyped up children) I can reveal one of my favourite projects.  It was for my long suffering husband, luckily he is creative too so didn’t mind all my crazy crafting.  His long time nickname was Moose so I decided to go for a fair isle hat, with a moose pattern.  There aren’t many out there on Ravelry, but I found one by Holly Marie Designs – which then sadly seemed to be unobtainable.  I was gutted so more in hope than expectation emailed the designer.  She gifted me the pattern!  What a lovely lady, and she didn’t want payment so I will be donating to a charity instead.

I knitted this on my days off on Mondays, and in any spare moment he wasn’t looking.  He did see me buy the yarn though at Cafe Knit in Lavenham but I know him too well – he’d forgotten all about it by Christmas. I do think if I did it again I would use more contrasting colours though.

Here is is looking cold (and cold-y) on Bacton beach in North Norfolk where we spent Christmas.




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2 responses to “The secret project revealed…

  1. Isabel Flynn

    Hi – we have tried all sorts of ways to get the pattern from the owner – with no result and nor response. Wanted to have it done for Christmas !!! Would you be willing to share the pattern at all – would pay. Many thanks – Flissie

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