What now?

This blog was set up to chronicle my attempts to make Christmas presents for 2013.  It happened, it’s now 2014 – but I don’t want to stop writing about the stuff I’ve been making.  Both the making and the writing have been brighter spots in a pretty awful year, and seeing as I don’t know if 2014 will be any better I don’t want to cut back on them!  There are thousands of craft blogs out there, I’ve enjoyed finding more of these too, and mine is a lot more amateur than many of them, but hopefully I can continue to find that people are reading about my experiments, successes and failures. I might even try some tutorials.

I’m not sure my blog needs a plan, or direction, I think aimless wanderings in the world of craft could be just as interesting! Personally though I do like to have a sense of purpose so I had a little think about my new year’s resolutions.  I don’t believe in traditional new year’s resolutions – who wants to give up the nicer things in life in the worst months of the year? Plus my only vices are chocolate and cake, and I have no willpower whatsoever, and can still fit in all my clothes. I want my resolutions to create rather than deny.  So, here they are:

  • I will finish the Lizard Ridge blanket that I vowed to finish as my 2013 resolution. I really will. Honest. This means I’ll have to learn a crochet edging.

    My Lizard Ridge in its current form

  • I will knit from my stash and not buy new wool. Every knitter is probably saying that right now, and it will be the hardest resolution to keep! This is linked to the fact that I need to save some money as my poor little car has 95,000 miles on the clock and may not survive another year of travelling down a bumpy nature reserve road every day. OK, I guess this one is about denial a bit.
  • I will keep trying new things – whether it is new techniques for crafts I already do, or new crafts entirely.  I was toying with a “one new thing every month” resolution but I know how work takes over my life entirely from May to August, so I think that might be unrealistic…

Keep following if you’d like to hear about it.  And please comment and share your craft related resolutions!



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3 responses to “What now?

  1. Hello and nice to meet you from Canada 🙂
    I like your philosophy around blogging. Mine is much the same, and is always evolving. I guess ” creativity” in general is the theme, though as I have just now retired, I’ll be blogging about that now, too. I am a quilter and knitter. I like having projects in my hands. I enjoyed reading through your posts. Don’t have a clue what a sloe is, lolL some kind of fig or date, maybe?

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Hello and it’s lovely to hear from you! I would love to be able to quilt but I will need to build up to that one. A sloe is the fruit of the blackthorn tree, it’s like a smaller damson, so related to plums I think. Very sour. H

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