Welcome to the Han Cave

I am lucky enough to live in a truly beautiful Victorian house, and I always end up describing it by starting with “well it’s quite an odd house…”, by which I mean it has lots of strange rooms in addition to the ones you would expect.  Some of the downstairs windowsills are also level with the ground, so we have a vole’s eye view of the churchyard next door!  Anyway, the point of this rambling is that we have a mezzanine level reached by a ladder which we have turned into a little study and that leaves our third “bedroom” for me to do something with… It isn’t really big enough for a bed, unless you are a toddler, and I don’t have one of those. I had mused casually on several occasions that it would make a great craft room and then forgot about it.

One weekend I came home from work to find my husband looking very pleased with himself and was ushered upstairs and shown a room cleared of boxes, with my favourite knitting chair in the corner and a rug on the floor.  He had done the hard work to make it into my craft room!  I did a bit of organising and put all the felting stuff in one floral box and all my sewing bits and fabrics in a clear one. I also ordered a table from Amazon to put in the window and put my sewing machine on.  It’s just a fold up table meant for camping I think, but it is so sturdy and fits in the tiny room.  I am ridiculously excited about this room.  I know that it’s nothing compared to all the amazing and beautiful craft rooms people blog about all over the internet, but it’s mine.  And the window has the best view in the house, right across the valley. The cat is very keen on the table in the window too.

The Han Cave

The Han Cave

Hattie's new favourite place

Hattie’s new favourite place

Somehow, this has been christened the Han Cave – as opposed to the man cave that many a shed is referred to as.


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