What to do as the first project in the Han Cave?  I thought a present for its creator was in order.  I also haven’t yet coughed up a second wedding anniversary present, oops.  This is meant to be cotton, so I thought I’d try out something on the machine.  I got this amazing fabric – acorns are kind of a thing for us, we partially chose our wedding venue because of the huge 600 year old oak tree in the grounds, and the men’s buttonholes all included acorns – so I thought it was perfect. It is actually called Acornucopia too, I do like a nice play on words.


I thought that a pair of pajama bottoms might be within possibility as the ones I had seen on Crazy Little Projects looked do-able, but I had a look around the internet as well and ended up using this one.  All I had to do was draw around an existing pair of pjs!  It was pretty easy, and I gave myself a bit more of a seam allowance then they recommended because I was a bit nervous.


I can’t remember where I read it but I saw someone had done the edges of their seams with pinking shears, so I did that as I am basically too lazy to do them any other way, and don’t have a machine to do it. yes, I did bother to iron my seams flat! After years of not touching the iron, the sewing has made me do it… All went smoothly, even putting one leg inside the other to sew the crotch together!  Only hiccup was when the cat had to be removed from the room for biting the tape measure and the waist elastic…

I guess that I didn’t need such wide seam allowances, or I just stretched out the ones I “measured” from too far, because they turned out super wide leg.  Oh well, they are for lounging in so at least they will be comfy.  Next time I would slim the legs down a bit though. They were waiting on the wardrobe for when he got back from his ski trip and he loved the acorns. I have quite a lot left so I wonder what else will pop up with acorns on?!

The Finished Product!

The Finished Product!


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