Pinstripe Pintuck

I have joined the Sew Crazy Challenge from Crazy Little Projects! At school I always had my homework done in plenty of time (yes, that was me, I am the geek who loved to learn), but this doesn’t seem to be the case now.  As an adult with a full time job doing your homework, however fun, takes a while.  I chose to do the pintuck pouch, because I think this kind of thing could make a great present (Christmas challenge 2014 anyone?!) and I had never put in a zip before.  The instructions for this were on another site, Simple Simon and Company.

I didn’t want to buy fabric specially for this so I used some flowery stuff I had from other projects, and cut up an old shirt that was going to charity.  This shirt creases like a bitch, I am so glad I never do the ironing.  Having pinstripes that just happen to be the same distance apart as the lines for the pintuck? Very helpful.  Anyway, I then got really stuck! I just could not work out how the fabric-zip-fabric sandwich should work.  I’ve never put in a zip, and was obviously having some kind of logic block where I needed some severe instructional hand holding.  I went back to Crazy Little Projects pencil case instructions and they showed me photos of inbetween stages so I finally got it.  I was so thrilled I forgot to take photos until the last step though!

I finally got the zip in!

I finally got the zip in!

This is by no means perfect – my zip was shorter than called for in the pattern so I had to do some trimming down near the end which made one end of the zip look a bit messy, and as I said the fabric creases too easily to look really smart on the outside.  Overall though I am pretty happy with it, and I’ve learnt a couple of useful new skills.  And found my zipper foot.

Pintuck pouch

I actually had to take this to work to get any decent enough light to photograph it in!


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  1. Joanie

    Well it looks pretty neat to me. What next?!

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