Another long term WIP…

As part of my knit-from-the-stash resolution I pulled out both a pattern I’ve been thinking about for years and a yarn I have had since 2012. The yarn is Fyberspates Gleem Lace, which is just such an appropriate name for this shining skein, the pattern is Flowers in the Rain which I got at a knitting event from the p/hop stand. If you’re a knitter and at all charity minded I encourage you to find out more about p/hop. It translates as “pennies per hour of pleasure” and is a fundraising endeavor for Medecins Sans Frontieres.

However, this pattern is not giving me “hours of pleasure” so far. I’ve got my stitch markers in place, I knit carefully with the chart on my lap but I keep messing up! I think I am starting to see the pattern come out but I am not enjoying this. I think I am really in the mood for TV knitting (you really cannot watch Borgen and knit lace) or just the instant gratification of sewing. Cold fingers due to my Victorian house (at least I hope it is just cold and not the arthritis) are also making is project unappealing. Still, I’ll keep going, but it’s going to be a while!

Difficult knitting


Apologies for the flash photo, but I am never in my house in daylight. It is a fairly good reflection of the colour.

I’ve done a little baking too, but nothing worth showing. I tried a “healthier” muffin recipe from one of the Saturday magazines from Lorraine Pascale – yuck, I’ll never bother with that again! Maple syrup is NOT a suitable substitute for sugar in a cake. The other was lemon curd jam tarts with the curd I made, not pretty, but tasty.



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2 responses to “Another long term WIP…

  1. Joanie

    Wool looks so pretty, as will the finished product – even if it takes a while!

    As for the baking….. maple syrup has its place, but evidently not in a muffin!

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