February Challenge

#sewcrazychallenge ! Again I seem to be late with the homework, though better than January.  I wanted to learn piping because I have some amazing oak leaf fabric to make into a bench seat cushion, and I can just imagine it with professional looking piping! I thought I’d best practice on some scraps though, before I tried on the expensive stuff… I used the tutorial that came with the challenge, and garden string that I nicked from the man cave.  It was pretty easy really and I decided to turn it into a pin cushion, because I keep ending up with them rolling about on the table and I’m worried for the cat! The theme is “home is where the heart is” so I reckon something for the Han Cave fits in too


The scraps actually came from a project I did for a friend who is soon to have a baby.  I don’t have any but I can imagine that sometimes you just have to nip to the shops and don’t want to take a full changing kit, so I thought this pouch designed to hold a pack of wipes and a couple of nappies would be a good idea. It also counts as a bonus project for the challenge which should be a gift.  I enjoyed making it, it was pretty easy, I just had a little trouble sewing neatly around the opening. Yeah, yeah, I’ll iron it before I send it, just wanted to take the photo in the daylight!



Fabric supplier: Franklins of Colchester (oh yes, I entered town!)

String supplier (for piping): Husband’s shed


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  1. Joanie

    Piping – clever! Great idea for your project, and lovely material 🙂

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