Back to School

I am so excited, because I am going back to school – sort of. Back in September I signed up for a 10 week textiles evening class at our local college, but not enough people wanted to go so it got cancelled. I was disappointed but last week they called to say they had enough people on the list so class will be starting on Tuesday!

I was one of those children who loved school because I just liked learning new stuff, I was quite academic so didn’t really get much out of creative classes. Not that we had many, we did art of course but because I couldn’t draw, paint or sculpt I thought it wasn’t for me. In the last six years I have realised I am a creative person and I’m not afraid of trying new things. After all learning to sew or knit is only following instructions isn’t it? What’s the worst that can happen?

The course is going to cover lots of things I haven’t done before like dyeing and embroidery so I hope these will add really nicely to the things I already do. It will be nice to meet other people who are into these things too. Of course I’ll be sharing all the experiments here too, so watch this space!


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  1. Joanie

    Brilliant! We’ll watch with interest. Christmas 2014 here you come!

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