String printing – textiles week 1

So, I battled the world’s worst cold (who has a cold for a week? Honestly?) to get to my Textiles class and I am so glad I did.  There are 12 of us, all ladies, and it was mega exciting to be in a proper studio!  I will try and sneak a picture one week.  To get started our tutor Erin showed us a super simple printing technique.  We wrapped some wool around a wooden block and wiggled the strings about a bit to make a pattern.  Then we used leftover ink from the “proper” students to print with.  We practiced on paper but next week we’ll be on the fabric.  We used Dylon dyes and some other thicker pigment dyes.  It was amazing to see all the different patterns, colour combinations and ideas from one simple idea when used by 12 different people.

My first ones looked like a crazy pink zebra.  I also made some patterns and most excitingly, we covered a couple of pieces in Dylon dye and then dipped the block in bleach to print – can you believe the amazing green colour that came out on the brown page? I think the last one looks like a migraine on a page but the tutor quite liked it…

printed papers

L-R – Top row: 1 Dylon dyes and bleach printing,2-4 printing with Dylon dyes

L-R – Second row: 1 Dylon dyes and bleach printing, 2-4 printing with pigment dyes.

Bleach print on inkMy favourites! I think I will be using these colours again. These are currently livening up the wall of the Han Cave and I am looking forward to next week already.


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  1. Joanie

    What a brilliant idea, and so simple. I’ll look forward to seeing next week’s results!

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