Sewers accessories

I am a bit worried this is turning into a sewing blog! But it just gets finished so much quicker than anything else.  In the midst of my awful cold I managed to stop blowing my nose long enough to do a bit of sewing.  I had been in the wonderful emporium that is The Cheap Shop in Tiptree.  This is a massive craft shop that has pretty much everything.  Including iron on fleece that I used for this project.

As I need to take my fabric scissors to my evening classes I thought a scissor holder was in order. I had this fabric left over from something so I tried to follow the instructions in my how to Sewing book but it didn’t come out quite right… It didn’t specify a seam allowance and I think that I made mine too narrow so the shape was a bit wrong.  This left a bit too much fabric to wrap over – but then I remembered I have pinking shears too…. And made a second pocket for them! A happy accident I guess.



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