That’s Shibori – Textiles week 2

This week we were trying out the Japanese dyeing technique of Shibori.  Our tutor Aeron warned us that it was quite a tricky technique but showed us two ways to try it.  You can either pinch pieces of fabric up and sew tightly around them or you can fold the fabric in a concertina and then sew pieces through it.  The idea is that these stitched parts will remain undyed.  When the stitching is done you can dye the fabric.  I tried out submerging it fully and dipping is different colours.

Shibori in progress

Shibori in progress

All that I needed to do was to wait for it to dry and then unpick the stitches… These are in the same order as the ones above so you can see how they turned out.

Unpicked, unfolded and ironed

Unpicked, unfolded and ironed

One of the folded ones (bottom right) really didn’t work at all.  The other looks good towards the bottom but not enough dye got into the folds higher up in my opinion.  The “pinched” ones worked better, particularly the pink one.  The navy one had a plan to middle of it – ignore the random dots down the right hand side, inspired by the night sky. If you can guess which constellation it is please comment below!

Guess the constellation!

Guess the constellation!

If you want to see what can be done by people that actually have some skill in this look here.

We are all thinking about what we might make as a finsihed piece at the mid point of the class.  Somehow I don’t think I’ll be using shibori, but it was fun to try.





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2 responses to “That’s Shibori – Textiles week 2

  1. Joanie

    It’s clever – and amazing what can be achieved. I think it is the Plough???

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