March Challenge

I did my #SewCrazyChallenge early this month. It was to make a bag, and I picked the Cross Body Tote.  I don’t really need a new bag, I have an expensive handbag so I feel I should pretty much use only that – not to work though, obviously, then it’s time for the scruffy backpack with lots of pockets.  I can see myself using this to go to the beach, or nip to the shops.  This is actually made using offcuts from a special project which is going to be a gift, so I won’t show that just yet….

I found the plan quite easy to follow, but I was a little concerned that the strap wasn’t going to be long enough.  I had to join two pieces together for the inner strap, but I didn’t want an ugly line on the outer strap so I was 2.5cm short.  I was on such a mission to make this that as usual I didn’t take pictures on the way.  I was on a deadline before I had to get to work for the afternoon!  I lined the bag with fusible fleece, which I thought might make it look puffy but is actually good.


The trickiest bit was pinning it all together at the ends and making sure the straps weren’t twisted and all the layers lined up for the final stitching. Or the ruffle – I couldn’t seem to set my machine stitches long enough to easily achieve this when I pulled them to create the ruffle – plus I think I would have preferred a more pronounced ruffle but I didn’t cut my fabric long enough for that. But it turned out generally well….




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2 responses to “March Challenge

  1. rebeccajmcafee

    Very cute. I love it. I need to make one of those for the zoo this summer. Maybe with some cool animal fabric.

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