Screen printing – textiles week 3

I feel I am somewhat lacking in inspiration at the moment.  It probably comes from doing two six day weeks on the trot at work, I’m not cut out for it.  On arriving in the textiles studio last week we were told we needed to come up with a quick stencil design to practice screen printing with.  My first attempt went in the bin, the tutors suggested a random pattern design, but I prefer representational designs…. In the end I just ripped a few bits of paper to represent the sea (and I even got that idea from tutor Aeron) and shoved in a little seagull with my craft knife at the top.  This is then taped to the screen, turned over, the fabric goes underneath and you add ink to the top and squeegee it down over the stencil.

My stencil

My stencil

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out actually.

I have a great view don't I?

I have a great view don’t I?

Once these were printed and drying we experimented with adding foil and flocking to our projects.  You make a stencil, brush over some special glue and put a piece of foil face up or a piece of flocking face down onto it.  Then it goes into the scary heat press. Three of us watched it nervously… Once cool, peel off the backing and voila! Again I couldn’t just go for random shapes:

Foil and flocking

Foil and flocking

We only got the pink foil to practice with, but I love the effect – I need to find a way to add it into my mid-point project.  The glue smudged on the flocking, so my bat is a bit muddy looking.  I don’t really like it much. Quickly, before we had to tidy up, I decided to add a sun to my sea scene. I LOVE how it turned out.

The sun is pink...

The sun is pink…

Now I just have to think of a design to do for my mid point project which we are starting next week.  I know I want to use screen printing, and foil, but I don’t know what to do – there are too many ideas swirling around my head.  Today is my first day off for a while, so I need to get deciding, and maybe even start cutting out my stencil.





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