Printed Project – Textiles weeks 4 and 5

I think I mentioned last time that I needed to come up with a project for the mid point of the textiles class.  I ummed and aahed about what to print on my cushion cover, mainly thinking that if I went for oak leaves and acorns it would be a bit obvious.  As many of you know oak trees are a real thing in our household – we even party chose your our wedding venue because there was a 600 year old oak tree in the grounds.

But, due to a lack of other sensible ideas, I did go for the falling oak leaf design.  I spent all of last week cutting a monster stencil, and only got one layer printed right at the end.  I decided that I was going for autumnal tones so I kind of didn’t mix my inks properly to get a variable colour. I was pretty pleased with it.


This week, I reused the now dry monster stencil and off set it so that the leaves were in different place.  I also used the left over ink from last week and added some brown and pink, again not mixing properly.  I reckon adding to the previous ink makes sure it tones well, a good trick if you aren’t good at colour matching!

Then I cut a couple more single leaves so I could add them on in random places.  Everyone was very keen on me leaving it at one point because it looked like the Green Man! That wasn’t the look I was after so I kept printing.

Just a bit more work to do now, I am planning on adding some acorns so I need to make an acorn stamp….





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2 responses to “Printed Project – Textiles weeks 4 and 5

  1. Joanie

    Think this looks really effective 🙂

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