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Because I am a massive party animal, I spent Friday night at home at the sewing machine finishing off some projects that had been hanging over me a bit.  Over a year ago I bought some amazing Voyage fabric to be made into curtains for my landing, with some spare to make a cushion cover for the bench in my hall.  I need to sit down when I’m putting my shoes on like an old lady, OK?  Well the curtains finally got made (not by me) about a month ago so I did the seat cover. Big long zip! I even did it properly and tacked it in first.

Oak leaves and acorns again!

Oak leaves and acorns again!

We also needed some cushions for the futon which sits up the ladder on our mezzanine.  I already told you my house was weird!  Mr Han picked out the fabric and I decided to pipe the edges – I wasn’t able to do this on the bench seat because I didn’t have enough fabric so I had piping cord left over. It was a bit tricky to get round the corners, but I’m quite pleased with the results.  I used this tutorial to help me.

Cushions on the futon Finished productI think there might be some more cushions done in the future, we have a few sewing projects coming up for a very special place…



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