Acorns and stitches – Textiles week 6

I think I enjoyed my homework from Textiles class a bit too much… I had to make myself an acorn stamp to add the acorns to my falling oak leaf cushion from weeks 4 and 5.  The stamp was super simple to make – I just drew the acorn, used a scalpel to prick through onto some sticky backed foam and then joined the dots to cut it out.  The foam was pretty thin so I did three and stuck them one on top of the other onto a wooden block.  Then using my special “don’t mix the paint properly” technique I used a brush to add the paint to the foam and stamped away!2014-03-31 14.34.45

Added acorns

I think I got a little carried away at this point…

DSCN1333 DSCN1335

There’s not much left to do on it now, I might add some foil to a few of the acorns, and I’m thinking about embroidering some leaf veins on a few of the leaves.  Handily, week 6 was all about learning some embroidery stitches – I think you can tell I’ve never done it before:

First embroidering stitches


I’ll have to get a bit better though because I’m planning that my next project will involve some embroidery… You can see what crazy ideas I’m having at my Pinterest board!



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