Crossing to the dark side – making a Kindle case

At the beginning of the year, I did something I had long sworn I would not. I bought a second hand Kindle. Books should be made of paper, all readers know that…. I am a voracious reader, my dad jokes that when I was a child he had to tell me to put my book down and watch television!  I’m running out of space for proper books, and when I went to Turkey last year 50% of my luggage allowance was 7 huge books, which I read in a week. Arthritic wrists aren’t too keen on heavy books either.

Of course the Kindle needed a case and I was damned if I was going to pay lots of money for one.  I looked around at a bunch of tutorials on the web for sewing them, but none of them quite fit.  I wanted: a case to use it in, not a sleeve to keep it in. But I wanted it to be protected when not in use… This one was most useful, but I wanted to make some adjustments, mainly that I wanted it to be hard rather than padded.

This is not a tutorial (as usual I steamed on and didn’t take photos) but this is how I did it.

1. I cut up an old hard black n red notebook cover to just slightly larger than my Kindle. I joined the centre with duct tape to make it bend. Each card piece was 178mm x 125mm and the duct tape made a bend of 100mm.

2. I cut a plain piece of inner fabric 213mm x 335mm and then cut it in two. I cut a patterned outer fabric 213mm x 320mm. I did NOT cut this in two. I cut a patterned pocket piece 158mm x 213mm.

3. I put some pieces of black elastic onto the corners of one of those plain pieces – remember elastic can stretch a lot, I had to redo mine because it was too loose- then I sewed this piece to the other plain inner piece with RS together.

4. I sewed a seam down the right hand long edge of the pocket piece.

5. I pinned the WS of the pocket to the RS of the left hand side of the plain inner piece and sewed it on with a small seam allowance, about 1cm I think (?) so this seam will be hidden later.

6. I put the inner piece and patterned outer piece RS together, and sewed around with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Leave one side unstitched to insert the board.

7. Turn it RS out and insert the board, now you can see why I used mm measurements to get a snug fit. Turn under the raw edges at the side you left open. I made sure to sew on a ribbon to this side to wind around the case when closed (mine was velvet so it keeps closed, and is about 80cm long, I sealed the ends with nail varnish). You could do two shorter pieces to tie in a bow if you added one to the other side at step 6. Now top stitch all the way around to close the gap and make it all look neater. There should be just enough space for this…

8. Enjoy your reading!



The RH edge where I inserted the board could be neater, but overall I’m happy and it is very functional.



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  1. Joanie

    Excellent (and unique)!

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