Winning Ways

In this post I wrote about my determination to finish my Lizard Ridge afghan by the end of May so I could enter it in the village festival. Well, work was crazy in May and on 30th my LR was still awaiting about a third of its applied i-cord edging. And I got home from work at midnight.  On Saturday the 31st I put in the hours though and got it down roughly 12 hours before the deadline to take it to the marquee!

It's only bloody finished!

It’s only bloody finished!

I said in my previous post that I thought it deserved a rosette, but I obviously had no idea what else would be entered, and I don’t think I’ve ever won anything based on a “talent” before.  I headed down to the marquee after the judging to see the results and was very gratified to see this:

It only bloody won!

It only bloody won!

Ok, so the competition wasn’t exactly fierce, but it came first! And best in the whole craft category so I got a gold rosette too! And £20! I know what I’ll be spending that on.

I also entered the Apricot and Lavender liqueur in the homemade alcoholic drink category, the hummingbird thingy in “other craft” and a cushion I finally stitched up from the acorn printed fabric in cushions.  The cushion also got a first, but there were only two entries, ha ha ha. It was declared “very original” by the judge though.













I hope you can all excuse my excitement, really I’m most excited that I actually finished it!




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2 responses to “Winning Ways

  1. Your Lizard Ridge is gorgeous!! I’ve been collecting skeins for a while now, and your finished LR is making me want to dive in! Congrats on your win! You deserve it!

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