May sewing challenge

So regular readers (hi mum!) will notice I skipped the April challenge. I did even buy fabric to make something but just never had time. I was pleased to see that the May challenge contained something quick, and something I’d already been intending to make!

I wasn’t planning on making the sunglasses cases initially, but then I logged into Pinterest and saw that my sister had filled hers with beach photos! I haven’t made anything for her before, so I thought I would.  I found doing the top stitching around the edge pretty difficult as it was a small space, it just seemed to bunch up.  Could be my haphazard outdoor measuring though. Luckily I have bought a cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter so hopefully those problems will be come a thing of the past. I can dream. I can also dream about not sewing patterned pieces on the wrong way up and not noticing until the end.

I used up scraps of other fabric for these. One for me, the acorns which Mr Han tried to steal, ice creams for Mum and the neatest one for tall little sis! Mine is already handily in use.

3 sunglasses cases

The thing I was going to make originally was some 3/4 PJ bottoms for me, I’d had the fabric for a while, and the acorns were planned to feature again.  Sadly this project was slightly delayed for the following reasons: too much work, and an iron so gummed up with scale it started leaking brown stuff everywhere and refused to be descaled. Thanks East Anglia’s water. Though if someone hadn’t been too lazy to go downstairs and fill it up with filtered water this might never have happened. Ahem. Anyway, they were finally done…at the beginning of June!

They were frustrating to make, and the black cotton seems to attract cat hairs from miles around. I’ve decided I shouldn’t make anything else that can be worn until I’ve learned to do some proper seam finishing, or spend more time measuring. Meh.


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