June recap – what happened to June anyway?

It’s that time of year where work takes over my life entirely.  I work on a nature reserve and do all the school visits, in June nearly 900 pupils visited so I’ve been in a constant round of bug hunting, pond dipping (no it’s not seaweed, it’s in a pond!), bird watching etc etc. It’s hot too so by the end of every day I just want to flop, and do! I think that I may have tried to have a social life in June too, but I can’t remember.

I have been busy making things for other people in my spare (ha ha) time though. A very good friend is expecting twins soon so that was the perfect excuse to get out the knitting needles.  It was soooo nice to be knitting again, I hadn’t really done anything much for a while but was very fidgety as I didn’t want to/couldn’t start a big project for various reasons. Twins obviously means two of so it couldn’t be anything huge that I might never finish, so it’s just a couple of cute pairs of mittens in alpaca, lovely and soft.  Plaiting the cord to go through the sleeves took almost as long as a mitten! I hope the twins enjoy the fluffy goodness when they come out.



Next up, #sewcrazychallenge for June. This one was about summer (what a surprise!) and I just thought that my dedicated beach goer of a sister might be amused to see my nephew in this. I got some cheap toweling on a rare trip to town, so it’s not going to be suitable after a drenching, but in that half dried off in the sun but wet swimming costume phase that you get at the beach it will be perfect. And it’s a shark. I sized it up by 20% as the pattern is for a little toddler.

I found the applique pretty damn difficult and had a couple of practice runs where many a bad word was shouted, but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also learned that my machine is a total workhorse – it sewed though multiple layers of toweling easily. I hope they both like it, it’s going to be a birthday present for Rafi in August. It’s going to look a lot better on a person than a pointy hanger anyway…

Shark attack! Face




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3 responses to “June recap – what happened to June anyway?

  1. Joanie

    I love it! And I’m sure the young man in question will too :).

  2. Love the knitting! (And I think I want your job. Being paid to pond-dip sounds just about heaven…)

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