July sew crazy challenge

Well, the #sewcrazychallenge this month was “Put in on” so you had to make something to wear. I don’t really have much interest in becoming a dressmaker, I just think I lack the required precision and cannot be bothered to learn how to use a pattern.  But I did feel like making a skirt out of stretchy material with no pattern at all! I used the one from the CLP blog and it WAS easy.

Just a couple of edits though (cos I can’t ever do something the totally easy way…): I had been reading about different kinds of knit (i.e. stretchy fabric) here at Tilly and the Buttons and got the idea that for my first time sewing with this type of fabric I wanted to use something that didn’t have masses of stretch to make it easier. So when I went to Franklins – my local fabric shop that looks like it hasn’t seen an internal refit since the 80s (think strip lighting and everything in grey) I bought some striped ponte di roma. It’s in a cool grey and dark purple stripe. The cat liked it anyway…

Cat "helps" with sewing, again

Cat “helps” with sewing, again

This meant that it wasn’t as stretchy as the fabric used in the tutorial, so I decided to size it up a little bit.  I really should have done that plus give myself a seam allowance, because whilst it fits, if my bum gets any bigger, or it shrinks in the wash (I forgot to prewash too!) I am in trouble.

It was my first time sewing with stretchy fabric and I bought a special needle to use, and used the stretch zigzag stitch function on my machine to do all my seams, and the straight stretch stitch to do my hem. Not sure if the hem one was the correct one, but it worked and looks OK. It wasn’t that hard, and I feel like I may have a go on some more regular jersey fabric now. It is so comfortable to wear – and the purple even matches my Birkenstocks!

Yes, it's a rare picture of me!

Yes, it’s a rare picture of me!

If you’re thinking, “well that’s nice but she looks a bit fat in it”, whilst I do have a serious cake/biscuit/chocolate addiction, actually that’s a tiny baby bump, oh yes! The ultimate WIP. So you can expect to see some baby sized makes around here from now on!



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3 responses to “July sew crazy challenge

  1. Congratulations! Look forward to seeing your baby makes. I got given ‘What to knit when you’re expecting’ at my baby shower, when I was 36 weeks pregnant. So a bit late in the day. As it turned out, I went into labour the day after so I didn’t get the chance to make anything from it in advance!

    • Thanks! Whoever gave that either wasn’t a knitter or is one of those lightening fast people who you see on Ravelry have made a jumper in 2 weeks… Knitting for baby should feature next!

  2. Joanie

    Perfect baby-bump wear!

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