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A moose in the hoose

So I’m a very bad blogger,  it’s official, but then I never said I was Blogger (with a capital B) just someone who tries to fit in some crafts, and writes about them a bit. I’ve been a bit better at “life” recently – feeding friends, working hard, eating ice lollies and playing with the cat. I’ve also started my first baby crafts!

Ever since I got Sarah Keen’s “Knitted wild animals” book I’ve wanted to knit the moose and I knew it could only be for MY child. We have a whole moose thing going on here. Her patterns are excellent and I think it is worth putting in the extra work to make all the pieces and sew them together because the finished article look so professional. Even the embroidering of the features went OK.

I love it. I’ve joked I’m going to withhold all other soft toys until it forms a favourite toy attachment to this one…

Moose in the garden



Moose side view

There’s lots more baby related stuff on the go at the moment (and some wedding related stuff for a friend, but I’d better not reveal that just yet) – more knitting, some sewing projects in the pipeline and time to say bye bye to the Han Cave as it becomes a nursery. Watch this space!



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