My contribution to a crafty wedding

I mentioned in the last post that I’d been making some things for the wedding of a good friend.  Well, I can reveal that despite promising after doing our own that we’d never do another wedding cake, I made a three tier wedding cake.  The bottom tier was fruit cake (secret Elkington recipe, amended by me) and the top two were gingerbread.  The gingerbread recipe was from Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess – always a go-to baking book.  You can actually get the recipe for free here. I added 1tbsp of ground ginger too because I thought it wasn’t gingery enough.

Making cakes is not too hard, but decorating them is.  I wouldn’t win any prizes for that! Luckily the wedding was in a field and had a homemade feel so I don’t think the cake decorating was judged too harshly. Mr Han actually put the icing on, I really wouldn’t manage the neatness needed for that.

I provided the decorations.  Remember when I made felt acorns? Well the plan was the cake would feature those, so I spent a few afternoons making some.  Attaching them was interesting – we ended up using icing as glue, which maybe wasn’t the neatest…  bride Laura had provided some white squirrels for the top so it all went together nicely.

Laura and Jamie's Cake

The whole wedding was full of awesome crafty touches, I hope Laura won’t mind me showing some pictures of what she made… Sadly I don’t have a picture of the bar that was hand made by groom Jamie! It was a brilliant wedding that ended with a campfire sing a long and camping by a misty lake, beautiful and unique just like the happy couple.

Origami cranes in the entrance

Origami cranes in the entrance

Crane table decoration

Crane table decoration



Congratulations Laura and Jamie, thanks for letting me make something for you!




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2 responses to “My contribution to a crafty wedding

  1. Joanie

    What splendid ideas 🙂

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