Impressive but easy

Once a year at work we host a thank you dinner for our volunteers.  As a typical charity we probably have about 5 times as many volunteers as staff, and we like to try and thank them properly for giving up their time.  We take turns in who makes the main or the dessert, last year I did a chilli so this year it was my manager’s turn to do the main and I got to do dessert- yipee!

I needed something easy because I had almost no time but with 20 people coming I actually went for two things – Dutch Apple cake from Rachel Allen’s Bake which I’ve made many times with great success, and Chestnut Ice Cream Meringue Cake from Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess, which I’d never done before. It was pretty easy, and looked spectacular. Sadly I didn’t take a photo until I’d got the leftovers home, oops.

I can thoroughly recommend this recipe – several people asked for it with a view to making it as an alternative Christmas dessert. Super easy to do, and does make you look like a domestic goddess!

Messy but marvelous

Messy but marvelous


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