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One row at a time, and the ultimate WIP

I cast on the baby blanket on 1st August. I can’t quite believe it took so long to get it done, and wish I’d been a bit more dedicated and got it finished earlier, there were whole weeks I never picked it up. I used the Pine Forest Blanket pattern, found here. It uses gull lace and was really easy. I picked a yarn from Rowan – a washable pure wool worsted – in a forest green to go with the woodland theme of the nursery. It was nice to knit with and has produced quite a squishy blanket.

The reason that this took quite so long to finish was that the ultimate work in progress was finally ready! Our daughter Martha Rose entered the world a week late on New Year’s Eve. She is (of course) perfect and beautiful but in addition to the normal sixth sense babies have for when you pick up a fork, she also wakes up as soon as I pick up my knitting needles!


She’s very well endowed with hand knit items – so many from her grandma I can’t even list them, a stylish cardigan from Laura (of the amazingly handmade wedding), blankets from friends and the wife of a work colleague (knitter: “someone I’ve met once for 30 seconds is having a baby? Get me yarn right now!”) and even a blanket my own granny knitted for me when I was born. So I really shouldn’t have knitted a blanket but hey ho.

* I apologise for the fact that the photos on this blog are going to get even worse, they all now have to be taken on my mobile with one hand *



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