Super easy speed sew

Ages ago I took a(nother) trip to fabric rehab in Dedham – tis both a blessing and a curse to live close to such a good fabric shop – to buy some incredibly garish summer fabric with toucans on it. I am fully aware many people will think this is disgusting but ha, I like bright stuff and I don’t care!! It reminds me of a crazy jumpsuit I had when I was 9 or 10….


Anyway, I wanted to make a basic sundress. To me a sundress is something you wear when it is really hot (this definition is another hangover from childhood) so needs to be a bit loose and really comfortable. I trawled Pinterest and found this set of instructions. Hers is made with jersey but I thought I could make it work with a woven cotton – though I did get a bit nervous and do some very small seam allowances. Even I think a maxi dress in this fabric would be a bit much so I based the length on another dress in my wardrobe.

I also didn’t want to use a ribbon for the straps so I made a tie from the fabric itself. After the annoyance I had trying to turn the tubes for the romper straps the right way out, I sewed a strip of the selvedge inside the tube and pulled this to help turn it the right way out. Much easier.

I am pretty happy with the results, it just needs a nice belt to make sure it isn’t a sack and I’m ready for the sunshine!


*I’ve had this post waiting for over a month for me to take a photo where the dress isn’t creased from being pulled about by a baby – that’s clearly never going to happen so here it is anyway! *


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  1. rebeccajmcafee

    Omg! I love it! Sometimes the most garish material becomes beautiful when used properly! I want one too!

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