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Baby gets older = less time

I have been considering saying goodbye to this blog. I haven’t written anything in such a long time, and have barely made anything since July. It seems as M gets older I have less and less time. Looks like she’s always going to be a demanding baby. Whilst I decide here is a roundup of the summer’s projects:

I was commissioned to make a romper out of the tropical fabric for a friend’s daughter. She’s tall so I lengthened the body 4cm at her mum’s request. Luckily it fitted and she looked great in it.


I was also given some cool, 80s vintage fabric by a friend’s mum who was clearing out. I used the bottom half of the romper pattern to make some bubble trousers. I love them! They’ve even had compliments from strangers!


I made M some stretch trousers perfect for crawling using this pattern.

Next? Well two months ago I started a cardigan for M to wear with the reversible Christmas and birthday dress I’m planning to make. And she’ll need a Christmas stocking… but it’s anyone’s guess whether these things will be achieved!


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