About me

Hi! I’m Hannah and I like making stuff. As a child I was the one scavenging huge boxes to make space ships and I suppose I never grew out of it. I work in environmental education so I do get to do some crafts at work with the children, all using cheap, natural or recycled materials. At home I like to knit, sew (I am still totally a beginner at this though!) do wet felting, bake and make preserves (with varying degrees of success) but I have also had a go at lots of other things and hope to try out more crafts. I’m not really a perfectionist, just looking for things to be pretty good, but I always try my best with the things I make, I just don’t mind if there’s the odd wonky stitch.

This blog started in 2013 when I decided to challenge myself to make at least part of everyone’s Christmas present, but I enjoyed it all so much I decided to carry on crafting (as if I could stop!) and blogging about it.

I live in the English countryside, in Essex to be precise, with my husband, cat and two rabbits. I work full time for a local charity so making stuff has to fit around that!

If you are a knitter you can find me on Ravelry – my “name” there is Knitfinch.

I am also on Pinterest as Handmadebyhan.

Hannah Elkington


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