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Christmas is coming!

I LOVE Christmas! I have a feeling it will be even more fun now there’s a little one in the house (even if she’s heading for Father Christmas’ naughty list due to her current refusal to sleep ever). Of course I couldn’t possibly buy her a Christmas stocking so a bit of 3am pinterest pattern searching was in order.
I used this one for size and this one for lining technique.


And then I started takingimage


der image



A couple of friends requested present sacks so using this tutorial, but the whole width of the fabric I made these.


I learnt a new technique too – french seams.

I just didn’t want fraying seams on something that will be pulled about by kids every year.

I hope everyone likes them!


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A first go at patterns

All the sewing I’ve done before has been household stuff (cushions, peg bags etc) and the couple of forays into clothing have used no-pattern internet tutorials. With the exception of the little girl skirts these items haven’t turned out looking very polished.

So, as I continue to build up the summer baby wardrobe I thought I’d have a go at a real pattern. I came across Sew Sweet Patterns via Pinterest and they didn’t look too hard and are very reasonably priced plus they are downloadable so I took the plunge.

I had some suitable fabric from the stash building sale I went mad in from StitchStashDiva (American site via Etsy but even with postage fabric is still cheaper!) So I demanded a day “off” baby care. NB, for the breastfeeding mum of a ravenous baby this does not allow leaving the house. First up, the Summer romper. It was so easy! The only tricky bit was when making the tie, getting it to turn the right wsy out as it was so thin. It ripped from the pressure of fabric trying to push through the channel, so it’s not as neat as it could be, but probably not very noticeable.

I can’t wait to try out more!

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A moose in the hoose

So I’m a very bad blogger,  it’s official, but then I never said I was Blogger (with a capital B) just someone who tries to fit in some crafts, and writes about them a bit. I’ve been a bit better at “life” recently – feeding friends, working hard, eating ice lollies and playing with the cat. I’ve also started my first baby crafts!

Ever since I got Sarah Keen’s “Knitted wild animals” book I’ve wanted to knit the moose and I knew it could only be for MY child. We have a whole moose thing going on here. Her patterns are excellent and I think it is worth putting in the extra work to make all the pieces and sew them together because the finished article look so professional. Even the embroidering of the features went OK.

I love it. I’ve joked I’m going to withhold all other soft toys until it forms a favourite toy attachment to this one…

Moose in the garden



Moose side view

There’s lots more baby related stuff on the go at the moment (and some wedding related stuff for a friend, but I’d better not reveal that just yet) – more knitting, some sewing projects in the pipeline and time to say bye bye to the Han Cave as it becomes a nursery. Watch this space!


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June recap – what happened to June anyway?

It’s that time of year where work takes over my life entirely.  I work on a nature reserve and do all the school visits, in June nearly 900 pupils visited so I’ve been in a constant round of bug hunting, pond dipping (no it’s not seaweed, it’s in a pond!), bird watching etc etc. It’s hot too so by the end of every day I just want to flop, and do! I think that I may have tried to have a social life in June too, but I can’t remember.

I have been busy making things for other people in my spare (ha ha) time though. A very good friend is expecting twins soon so that was the perfect excuse to get out the knitting needles.  It was soooo nice to be knitting again, I hadn’t really done anything much for a while but was very fidgety as I didn’t want to/couldn’t start a big project for various reasons. Twins obviously means two of so it couldn’t be anything huge that I might never finish, so it’s just a couple of cute pairs of mittens in alpaca, lovely and soft.  Plaiting the cord to go through the sleeves took almost as long as a mitten! I hope the twins enjoy the fluffy goodness when they come out.



Next up, #sewcrazychallenge for June. This one was about summer (what a surprise!) and I just thought that my dedicated beach goer of a sister might be amused to see my nephew in this. I got some cheap toweling on a rare trip to town, so it’s not going to be suitable after a drenching, but in that half dried off in the sun but wet swimming costume phase that you get at the beach it will be perfect. And it’s a shark. I sized it up by 20% as the pattern is for a little toddler.

I found the applique pretty damn difficult and had a couple of practice runs where many a bad word was shouted, but overall I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. I also learned that my machine is a total workhorse – it sewed though multiple layers of toweling easily. I hope they both like it, it’s going to be a birthday present for Rafi in August. It’s going to look a lot better on a person than a pointy hanger anyway…

Shark attack! Face



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I got an order!

My sister liked the drawstring bag I did for her youngest so much she asked me to make two for her friend’s boys who both have birthdays this month.  I think she enjoyed browsing fabric to choose too.  The fabric was from Fabric Rehab (or course) and the main patterns are Super Kids by Ann Kelle and Scenic Route by Riley Blake Designs. I wish I hadn’t just gone onto their site to check the names – now I want to buy more fabric! These are starting to get smarter now I’ve made a few.


The theme for the Sew Crazy Monthly challenge is up too – “Home is Where the Heart Is”.  I’m thinking oven mitts, because ours are truly a health hazard. But I want to learn piping too… Looks like a lot of my crafting time is going to be sewing!

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Solstice sew-athon

Winter solstice is one of my favourite days of the year, I love the idea of the year turning away from the darkening nights and towards the light.  We always celebrate with a bit hearty dinner and candles.  Luckily making a game pie is my husband’s speciality so I was able to spend the whole day at the sewing machine – after I’d cleaned out the rabbits, done the washing up, fed the cat…

First off I made a project I’d been looking forward to making for ages.  It’s for my nephew who loves carrying a bag around!  The tutorial can be found here and I just think it is so cool! I made a couple of modifications, the glorious Franklin’s in Colchester had no blue fleece so I had to go with lime green, and no big rolls of grey felt left so I needed to stitch two pieces together to make my bag instead of folding.  I do think that dark grey and apple green is my new favourite colour combination though, just look at that lovely contrast stitching.  I think that with the green fleece you could maybe design a Shrek monster bag – a future project maybe! I did also make an error and stitch the straps in the wrong configuration, but I don’t think he’ll notice, and it won’t affect the function of the bag.  I also enjoyed using my new pinking shears.

All that was left to do was add in some crayons and voila! I can’t believe that made this.

Monster minus teeth

Monster minus teeth

Contrast stitching

Contrast stitching

Monster bag

Next up, a present for the aforementioned cat.  She’s taken to sleeping on my coat which I foolishly left on top of the blanket box so I thought with a nice bed mat I could switch and reclaim my coat. I had originally toyed with making a felt cat cave but I just didn’t have the time or elbow power, so I decided to use this flannel in a plaid design, with a black felt (bought not made sadly) border on the top layer.  I totally designed this myself with an aim for it to come out about 65cm by 40cm – I had planned to quickly measure the length of the cat but she was hiding in the shoe tray under the bed at the time.


Making up the front panel


Hattie inspects the WIP

I used a different plaid underneath so it can be reversible, and stuffed lightly with washable toy stuffing.

All finished

All finished

Let’s hope she enjoys sleeping on it – though to get her to use it I may have to act like she’s not allowed on it…


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Maximum cuteness

The sewing is continuing apace. Yesterday I tackled something ambitious.  I used some more Fabric Rehab fabric to make a simple skirt for my friend’s daughter.  I used the instructions for the Simple Skirt from Dana Made it – that lady knows how to explain things clearly with no fuss.  In just over an hour I had made this gem.  I know it’s a summer fabric so I made it slightly large in the hope it will still fit her then, though I admit I know little about how fast 2 year olds grow. It was hard to choose the fabric but the Hedgehoglets were so incredibly cute, I really hope our little hoglet likes it!

Hedgehoglet skirt

I had some pieces left from the week’s sewing so I made (another) notebook cover for a colleague who’s been really good to me this year during my ill health. This one turned out really well, and surely everyone who works on a nature reserve would like these little guys?

Hedgehoglet notebook


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